Christenings & Baptisms

Christenings, Baptisms & Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

The birth of a baby, the gift of a child is one of the most precious things anyone can know. Naturally there is the desire to give thanks to God and we have various ways of doing that.

One is through a special service of thanksgiving. Another way is for children, or adults, to be christened or baptised – something the church considers very special. It’s called a sacrament as it was something that Jesus did and invites us to do too.

We love to help families explore these choices and understand what is best for them, so that whichever they choose is meaningful and as special as possible.

This takes some time and through the process and conversations we get to know one another much better and develop a relationship, which is at the very heart of thanksgiving and baptism.

The best way to start all this is to grab Revd Paul or one of his ordained colleagues at the end of any of our services.

We will happily talk with you, provide you with some background reading and then arrange a further time to chat through what it all means and how you can move towards a service that right for you.