Anna Chaplains

25th July 2023
St Mary's

Last Sunday at St Mary’s we took the opportunity to celebrate the work and ministry of our four Anna Chaplains. Anna Chaplaincy has grown in national significance over the last 10 years from its early days in Alton, Hampshire. It is best described as the spiritual ministry to older people and often takes the form of journeying alongside people, ministering to their spiritual needs and assisting them to find God in what can be a challenging season of life’s journey.

Originally our Anna Chaplains were commissioned in October 2017 at St Mary’s Chapel. Of course, the Covid pandemic had a large impact of their work and ministry but just recently, due to the wider work of the Ann Chaplaincy Network, there has been a resurgence in this ministry across the country and here in the Worthys we have a strong team that is making a difference, so it is good to publically acknowledge this. We used the Pentecost flame hoop as part of the commissioning. The invitation was open to everyone to stand within it and be open to the infilling of the Holy Spirit to equip us for the work we have been called to do.