The Kings Worthy 12 Days of Christmas Trail

15th December 2021

A challenge for everyone, young and old! On the 1st day of Christmas (25th Dec), a number 1 will be displayed in a window somewhere in the Worthys. On the 2nd day of Christmas there will be a number 2 at a different site and so on. Try to find all the numbers for during the 12 days of Christmas. They will be easy to see from the pavement as you walk by – no need to go into gardens or up drives. Once displayed, the numbers will be in place until 9th January. As an extra challenge there will be a letter alongside each number. Make a note of these and on the 12th day of Christmas (5th Jan) when you have all the letters you should be able to unscramble the letters to make a word connected to the Christmas story.

Here is a rough guide to where the numbers can be found.
Pudding Lane, Headbourne Worthy (25th Dec)
Gillingham Close (26th Dec)
Eversley Gardens (27th Dec)
Nations Hill (28th Dec)
Church Green (29th Dec)
Mill Lane, Abbots Worthy (30th Dec)
Firs Crescent (31st Dec)
Lynn Way (1st Jan)
Brooke Close (2nd Jan)
Stoke Charity Road (3rd Jan)
Church Lane (4th Jan)
Fryers Close (5th Jan)
Come to the Epiphany service at St Mary’s Church on 9th Jan to find out the answer!