The Calm Behind the Storm

18th November 2023

After a whole series of storms, driving rain for seemingly days and high winds, it is a relief to wake up this morning to calm, blue skies and bright sunshine. I can’t but help feeling that this is a bit like the Christian life. We will go through tough times when it seems that our circumstances, our family needs, our financial pressures and our health issues, are all conspiring against us. Then suddenly the sun breaks through and we see answers to our prayers and things begin to settle again.

The answer is that behind the clouds and the rain and high winds the sun never stopped shining; we just couldn’t see it! Jesus is always there, listening to and answering our prayers even though it may feel as if he is far way. If there are things that you are struggling with today, then there are always folk available to pray with you, or if you would rather have someone to visit you to chat and pray, then you only have to ask.

As we meet on Sundays in St Swithun’s, St Mary’s and the Chapel, may God meet with us all, bless us and calm our storms.

Lis Chase